June B.

 My husband and I met Sarah at our birthing class, which she was sitting in on. She was so warm and wonderful and we very much enjoyed spending time with her, so we kept in touch after the class and eventually asked her to be our doula. She helped us solidify the details of our birth plan and we were so looking forward to a natural, peaceful birth with no interventions. Of course, that's not how it worked out at all, but Sarah helped us navigate a host of issues in the last few weeks of the pregnancy. Our little girl was breech, and Sarah gave us the name of an excellent chiropractor who helped us try to get her to turn. Sarah also recommended a number of different positions that I could try. None of this ended up working for our little one, who was quite cozy where she was. Unfortunately, because of hospital policy, Sarah was not allowed to attend our daughter's birth, which ended up being a c-section. However, she offered invaluable support during my pregnancy. She really does believe that all births matter, whether you go for the totally natural approach, whether you need a c-section, or whether you end up with something in between. We tried absolutely everything we could do to get our natural birth, including a very painful and unsuccessful external version, but in the end, we ended up needing a c-section. My husband and I were both experiencing some sadness about that, but Sarah helped us see that we had already been making a lot of good parenting decisions for our daughter, and that we had done everything we could. It just wasn't in the cards for us to have a natural birth, and she helped us come to terms with that and be at peace with our daughter's birth story. And truly, when we held her in our arms for the first time, it didn't much matter how she had arrived. We were just overjoyed to have her with us. Sarah was the first one to see us in the recovery room and meet our daughter. We will forever be grateful for her kindness and support.  


Sara M.

 I don't even know where to begin. Sarah is amazing. We asked her to be my doula mostly for physical support and her knowledge but got so much more. Last year I delivered my sweet baby girl, still, at just under 25 weeks gestation. I felt everything physically and emotionally. When we were surprised with our son shortly after, I knew this birth needed to be something different. I wasn't just going through another labor and delivery, I knew I would also be thinking of my prior births and my sweet girl in Heaven. I was set on not having an epidural because I wanted to feel my son's body, full of life, come out of mine. I needed this and knew that a doula would help, I just didn't know how much. Sarah's knowledge, physical and emotional support was what I needed to help me through the beautiful birth of my son as I had wanted. I had Bible verses printed out that she read to me when I couldn't, she encouraged me just the way I needed it, she was full of ideas to help lower my baby boy to make delivery easier, she was able to guide me and help me physically, she supported my husband which allowed him to be much more involved and so much more. To say we were both amazed and thankful for her on such a special day is an understatement. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! 


Cassie E.


Sarah encapsulated my placenta when I had my third baby. My Dr. and nurses where more than happy give me my placenta. They put it in a cooler and Sarah quickly came and collected. It didn't cause me any extra hassle or worry on that special day. My favorite part of ingesting my placenta was knowing all of the good nutrients I was feeding myself and my sweet little girl. The transition for me from one to two was incredibly hard and stressful. Two to three was smooth and amazing. I was on a high of love and my completed family. I give the credit of my boosted energy to my placenta. Sarah has a passion to service mothers, and she's really good at it. She has a calming way about her and makes a person feel comfortable.

Harley W.

 My Wife and I met Sarah at a confident birthing class and we didn't plan on getting a doula. We are so blessed she approached us to offer her services. The Birth of our boy was long and hard and I don't know if I could of handled it on my own. Sarah was by our side every second and step of the way, She worked incredibly hard for us. Labor didnt go quit as planned, we had to be transferred to the hospital because the baby's head got stuck and we had no idea what to expect, her knowledge kept us calm and really relieved a lot of stress. Sarah really helped boost our confidence for the big day She is such an amazing person, thank you Sarah.