The Fourth Trimester

 “A woman is pregnant for nine months, she is postpartum for the rest of her life. The biochemical truth of this is good news for the healing of our planet. Postpartum women are a gentle and essential force of nature. They are full of love, and there can never be too much love.” ~Ibu Robin Lim 

How can a postpartum doula help?

 As your postpartum doula, I am  dedicated to you and your family, and can ease your transition by providing personalized support.

 A postpartum doula adds a wealth of support to your family by facilitating rest time for the new parents, assisting with physical care immediately after birth, planning and  cooking healthy meals, juicing for you in your home,help you talk about and process your birth experience, providing partner with resources and ideas to support mom through things like postpartum anxiety, depression, and self care.  A postpartum doula  provides incredible mental and emotional support during the postpartum transition.

Postpartum Services


$25 per hour, with a minumum of 2 hours

Welcome Home Package

$230-This is intended on providing support during the first two weeks after bringing baby home. 

Includes ten hours of doula care to be used within two weeks  and provides a discount versus hourly rate.