Why encapsulate your placenta?


Birth Matters encapsulation services is performed by me as an encapsulation specialist. This service is separate from doula services. 

The placenta is an incredible organ. It nourishes and protects baby during pregnancy and can greatly benefit a new mother.

Ingesting one's placenta, otherwise known as placentophagy, can be a powerful tool in managing an array of negative postpartum symptoms. It has been shown to speed up recovery, reduce or stop postpartum bleeding, increase energy levels and aid in helping with postpartum mood disorders, and increase milk supply. The articles sited below offer scientific evidence of these benefits

My Personal experience

My journey as a placenta encapsulation specialist began when  experienced the benefits first hand after giving birth to my daughters. After the birth of my son I was blindsided by postpartum depression. 

I found that ingesting my placentas the second time around provided the support that my body needed to ward off postpartum depression. I am passionate about educating soon-to-be mothers on the benefits of placenta encapsulation.     

Encapsulation Package $225

  • Encapsulation of one placenta (Raw or Traditional method) $-add $75 for second placenta
  • 4 oz. Placenta tincture 
  • Cord Keepsake

Each birth and each mother are different. I would be happy to work with you to create a custom placenta package.

Scholarly Articles on benefits of Placentophagy

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