About Me


My name is Sarah and I am here to empower, support, and guide you through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. 

Serving as a doula is undoubtedly one of my soul's purposes. My path as a doula was born from my innate ability to nurture and care for others. After the birth of my children I gained a solid understanding of what a special and powerful time pregnancy and birth are in our lives and knew that I didn't want my involvement in the process to end there.  Pregnancy and birth are sacred events and as my client you will be loved and nurtured during it all. 

I understand that when you welcome a child in to this world in an environment where you feel loved, nurtured, and supported it sets the foundation for the best possible outcomes-during labor and far beyond.  

I am a trained birth doula and am able to tailor care to meet your specific needs. 

It would be with the utmost gratitude and honor to be given the opportunity to assist and empower you during one of life's most rewarding, yet challenging seasons. 


My "Why"

Personal Experience

I respect the fact that your birth experience is your own and I do not bring my experiences in to my relationship with my clients. 

However, it is undeniable that my birthing experiences and understanding of the monumental impact that becoming a parent has on us has fueled my desire to support others during the process. I understand that Birth Matters.

 When a woman gives birth a transformation occurs. How she is supported during pregnancy, labor, and beyond has a great impact on how she views herself as a mother and as a woman. I know from personal experience that what she sees and hears, and even the energy in the birth room can shift her attitude and either give or take away her power. How we feel walking away from our birth shapes how we view ourselves as mothers, partners, and human beings. 

My drive

What fuels my work as a doula is the simple fact that I am a nurturer.  I fulfill a deep need within myself when I am able to care for others during trying times. I am empathetic in nature and this enables me to care for my clients in a significant way.

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